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Nov 2010, We also lost a very special sheltie to me. Annabelle, was not only just the second sheltie I placed for adoption through SSR but was rescued here locally in Blue Rapids, KS too. She lived a good long life considering she had to be treated for a very heavy case of HW's prior to being adopted. She was 12+ years of age and was treated like the princess she knew she was by her gloating dad and mom.

Peppermint Patty
2010 Pepper had a personality that we jokingly described as one that ONLY A MOTHER COULD LOVE. Lovable as could be but also opinionated to the max. She was found wandering... the streets of Kansas City a couple years or so ago and was picked up by a good Samaritan that couldn't find it in her heart to take her to the Shelter after not being able to find her owner, only to contact Sheltie Shack Rescue to see if we could take the onery ole girl....and we did. After taking care of some obviously neglected heath concerns one of our passionate adopters who had already adopted a (loving,yet neurotic sheltie,for lack of a kinder description) and a sheltie whose previously approved adopter backed out on after a tumor was found and removed, came to Miss Pepper's plea for compassion. And true to her nature also a Patty....opened her heart and home to yet another special needs rescued sheltie. This morning I received word that she was on the way to the Vet with Pepper, it sounded like it was going to be time to let this feisty lil red sheltie gain her wings which she peacefully did shortly later. As I told her mom no need for any regret, only celebration of Pepper's LIFE...she was blessed with a wonderful home, full of love for a good full 2+ years and that is what mattered. Sadly, Pepper's mom is also fighting a very serious health battle herself....so if you would, please send some white light her way too....we need all the Angels like her we can have to help the less fortunate second hand pets that few others take a second look at. Peppermint and numerous others will certainly be waiting at the Bridge one day for her, that's a given. THANK YOU PATTY H.

(12-16-10) Fancy's original family adopted her when she was much younger, only to decide her aging ways had become too inconvenient. Luckily for the once happy go lucky spunky lil girl, like Peppermint Patty's who had passed away only a few days earlier, a near by SSR adopter that had lost their beloved sheltie earlier in the year was willing to open their hearts and home to the now failing senior girl and give her the love, respect and care that she deserved in this time of her life. So, Fancy, although understandably confused and most likely heartbroken, joined her new family. ALL SENIORS (both human and animal alike deserve) deserve the love and devotion they give to us throughout their lives. Yes, their lives have come full circle and nobody needs to have great regrets when it is their time to cross over Rainbow Bridge. Although sad and still we will miss them, we must remember to celebrate their lives. Sending SSR's sincere thanks and appreciation to Fancy's Angel Family.

(2010) Rosie, at only 11.5 years of age had an acute attack of some sort and unfortunately did not make it to the Vet Clinic before passing away a couple days ago. She will be hugely missed by her family, who I might also mention also took in a senior sheltie that we asked them if they would a couple years ago that her family disowned her because they didn't want to spend any more money on her vet care because she was getting older (argh), fursister Lacey and furbrother Sonny still live at the home. Rosie, at age 5, was surrendered to Sheltie Shack Rescue in July 2004 with several other shelties from a breeder in southern, KS closing business due to personal health. She was very timid and also debarked. Certainly the least outgoing of the group, her new Mom picked her first from the entire group...and we were so glad that she did as their bond was so very close. Ironically, with her passing at this time of the year as well as our recent other tricolor boy Dickens having just been lost/found, like him, Rosie also got away several Christmas's ago too (by the house keeper) and gave her Mom, Deb and I quite the little chase around Wichita, too (much longer, I might add). However, one night (family always leaving the lights and the garage door up) her Mom's kids were pulling in late that eve and what did they see, but Rosie sitting on the steps waiting to be let in (we figure she had possibly done that MANY nights; however, having been debarked, couldn't alert anyone to let her in). None the less...another very Happy Christmas Ending for all.

Nikki “Little Lady” crossed over on 3-23-11 at 13 years young. This was one very special sheltie that didn’t live a dull life at all. She was very high spirited and definately had a mind of her own (Alpha Female). Nikki was the last Sheltie that we received from a very respectable breeder and found later adopting was even better. Our family will deeply miss our dear Nikki and till we meet again Little Lady. Garrett, Lynn, Luanne, Steve Baker

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