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 Although senior pets may not have as many years to live, they certainly deserve to live out the remainder of their lives with dignity, along with someone to love them unconditionally as they do their special person or family and lastly with someone to shed a tear for them when they one day cross Rainbow Bridge. Growing old is a fact of life, it will happen to all of us. These wonderful dogs do not deserve to remain homeless in the system because they only dared to get old...

Thanks to our wonderful benefactors, Sheltie Shack Rescue has been able to implement a special program available for individuals willing to adopt a senior sheltie to help defray a portion of the monetary burden of adopting a senior pet, so please feel free to ask us about this program when you consider adopting one of our special love longing retired shelties.  

 Thank you. 

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"A deaf senior helps three grieving girls" 


 Gracie Arnold  

(Sheltie Shack Rescue Alumni) and her special girl, CARINA


Joan~Petfinder Happy Tails Editor By Joan, Happy Tails editor                               

Posted September 27, 2011 8:00 AM |
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Special-needs pets often have trouble finding homes -- and the challenge is even greater for pets with special needs who are no longer young.

Read about Gracie (with Beth's niece Carina) in Beth's own words.

So when Sheltie Shack Rescue in Blue Rapids, KS, took in Gracie, an 11-year-old Sheltie, they knew her chances of being adopted were slim: A retired breeder, Gracie was not only old, she was also totally deaf.

She had been in another home for a year and was then relinquished because the family said she didn't fit into their lifestyle. Sheltie Shack's volunteers knew they needed to cast a wide net to find a special person for this special dog, so they listed her on Petfinder.

That special person was Beth Arnold of Gurnee, IL. When she saw the pooch on Petfinder, it was love at first sight. "My husband and I hesitated to bring another dog into our home, as we already had three, but there was something telling us to do it," Beth says.

Their gut feeling wasn't wrong. Gracie has fit into the Arnolds' household without a hitch, and her deafness has not been an impediment. What has been amazing for the Arnolds to discover is Gracie's sensitivity to people's emotional needs. A case in point: A few weeks ago, Beth's niece passed away at age 31, leaving three young girls motherless. Beth went to Michigan for a week to be with the family, taking Gracie along.

Usually Gracie sticks to Beth like glue, but in Michigan, "Gracie never left those little girls' sides," Beth says. "Carina especially needed her." It's not an isolated case. "I don't know how Gracie senses it, but she always gravitates to the ones who need her most," Beth says. "She always goes to the people who are hurting."

Though the Arnolds rescued Gracie, to Beth, Gracie herself is the rescuer. She's the family's amazing Gracie. 


 Fortunate "2011" Senior Adoptees  


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"Kilkinny aka Kenny"

 Web Image: Model Kenny

Fortunate "2013" Senior Adoptees


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