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SHELTIE SHACK RESCUE is MOVING TO MISSOURI -- Thursday December 29th, 2016

Sheltie Shack Rescue has operated in Kansas for almost 15 years and has rescued/placed over 800 dogs.  However, we are announcing at this time that our operation is moving to Missouri very soon.  We closed out our KS license today; therefore, we will not be taking in any new rescue dogs until we are completely moved and set up at our new address in southwest MO.  

Luckily, we have had two sheltie rescues in Kansas and so the needs of this state will not go unattended.  Please contact our friends at Kansas City Sheltie Rescue (http://www.kcsheltierescue.org/) for your sheltie/collie rescue needs in the future. 

As soon as Sheltie Shack Rescue has been re-licensed to operate in Missouri, we will update the web-site with our information.  We will remain at the current address at least through the end of this year and keep the same contact info.  However, after that, the new address, phone and email information will  be posted here on the web-site.

Thank you everyone for your ongoing support of our SSR efforts and hope to continue our relationship after our move that is only a short 5.5 hours southeast of our current location.


Linda Schwartz, President
Sheltie Shack Rescue

CPR-FIRST AID CERTIFICATION -- Saturday October 5th, 2013

Linda (Sheltie Shack Rescue) just completed a class and was certified in Pet CPR and First Aid given by Ryan's Ark (www.ryansark.com). The class was very informative and I would like to recommend all pet owners consider taking this day long class. It is taught in an informal but very informative setting and Joyce Johnson is very helpful and patient in her teaching methods.

Moved to Wamego, Kansas -- Thursday August 8th, 2013

2013 has been a year that has come with many life changes for myself and Sheltie Shack Rescue of Kansas. This August my beloved shelties, mini horses, cat and fish made a relatively short move to the wonderful community of Wamego, Kansas. Not able to give up my rural roots, we settled on a beautiful small acreage with plenty of room and tranquility for us all. Still have things yet to move to our new home, but settling in with the necessities for now. Sheltie Shack Rescue will continue to expand as our operation re-builds; however, we are still in operation with no plans to quit. Rescue is in my blood and is what keeps my heart ticking. If you are in the area, please feel free to call or e-mail and if possible, stop by for a visit to see where we now live. As always, Sheltie Shack is both dog & people friendly and encourage all our new adoptive friends & families to be part of our life. New address: Linda L Kotapish 14670 Royal Circle Wamego, Kansas 66547 PH: 785-456-7680 E-mail: sheltieshack@wamego.net A HUGE THANK YOU TO MY VERY SPECIAL FRIENDS AND FAMILY THAT HAVE BEEN SO SUPPORTIVE BOTH EMOTIONALLY AND PHYSICALLY FOR ALL YOUR HELP...WE LOVE YOU !!! Linda and Furkids

RAINBOW BRIDGE PAGE -- Tuesday January 4th, 2011

Dear friends, family and adopters... As we continue to develop our web-site, we would like to encourage each of you that have lost your beloved sheltie, collie or other furkid that was adopted through Sheltie Shack Rescue as well as any other extended family members (both human or animal) to send us a photo and dedication write up so that they can be acknowledged and added to our Rainbow Bridge Page. We will certainly not limit your thoughts or words; however, we do request that you mention (if applicable) the year you adopted your beloved companion, the day of their passing as well as their estimated age or date of birth, if known. Send your information to (sheltieshack@bluevalley.net). If you do not get confirmation that we recieved your e-mail within 24 hours, please e-mail us again or call 785-363-7148 until which time you do hear from us as we do not want to over look such sensitive and important material, not only to you, but to us. THANK YOU.

WE'RE VERY EXCITED.... -- Sunday August 1st, 2010

As many of you may have already noticed, we finally have a new web-site in progress. Thank you for your patience in the past when we had to redirect you to another web-site in order to view photos of our available shelties. Additions will be added little by little as we have time. We'd like our extended Sheltie Shack Family to send us photos and updates so we can share them with all our Rescue Friends. We also now have a Guest Book for those of you that would like to drop us a note that way. In the not to distant future we would also like you to take advantage of having your beloved furkids that have gone to Rainbow Bridge also added to our web-site. Our family has grown tremendously over the past 8 years now and we would love to hear from all of our past adoptive families because you are never far from our hearts even though we don't often have time to drop you a note. Again, thank you for your patience and hope you enjoy our wonderful new web-site thanks to the wonderfully generous and talented folks at RESCUEGROUPS.ORG and the generosity of DOGTIME for providing us with a grant to have most of these services provided at no cost to us, allowing us to put every bit of our hard to come by funds to the best use....OUR DOGS soon to be YOUR DOGS !!!

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