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Thank you everyone for taking the time to sign in and leave us a note in our guestbook.  We can't emphasize how much it means to us to hear from everyone.


WE DO HAVE ONE SMALL FAVOR TO ASK.....please sign with your full name.  Believe it or not, we are very fortunate to now have lots of friends that share the same first name.

Message From: Melissa May 30, 2020
I've been looking on your site but haven't really gotten anywhere. I just recently lost my shelty at twelve years old, 3 days ago and am sadly missing my best friend. You can never have a more loyal,loving, devoted, and committed friend in the world. A shelty is perfection. GOD bless all those you save and will save and everyone at your group!

Message From: Linda Lyon October 14, 2019
I have had a pair of Shelties in the past. 1 registered with therapy International. My education is veterinarian tech, dog obedience instructor and I have show dogs in the past. Possibly looking for another Shetland Sheepdog. So love the hearing group.

Message From: CPT(Ret) Anne M. Clarkson September 14, 2018
I love your Mini's my first Miniature horse was a stallion who though he was a Giant Draft horse but was only 21 inches tall. I also owned a Belgium Draft rescued from a meat plant near Washington state. I had her shipped to me in SC and she arrived during Christmas, my little stallion though she was his Christmas gift. He walked around on his hind legs for months trying to breed her LOL. I would love to purchase your two Mini's but I no longer have the transportation trailers I once did.

Message From: Vicki Berger July 28, 2018
Just want to adopt a Sheltie any age or gender. I have had Shelties before Molly lived for 15 years and Sassie not sure how old vet said she was about 8 but she had congestive heart failure. We kept her comfortable and gave her a quality life til we let her cross the rainbow bridge. I am looking at your pictures and would like to adopt. I do have 3 Chinese Crested and 2 cats. One Crested is 14 and the other two are 9. Would love to have a Sheltie. I am retired and stay home mostly to make sure my companions are taken care of....

Message From: Roxanna Sly April 20, 2017
Had 2 Shelties they lived 12 years each loved them soooo much smartest dogs I've ever had. I've been without one for3 years now. Your site makes me want one again. Thanks

Message From: Marion Brandes May 27, 2016
Hell i am from germany.i stay 1978/1979 in Alabama and buy my first sheltie in tennessee.Now i stay in germany and be a sheltie breeder.I want to say' thank you ' to your Organisation .thank you that you save the shelties. Best wish es for you all Marion Brandes from Germany

Message From: Janet Schooley September 21, 2015
Hello Linda, I just wanted to let you know how much Mom and I lover our Molly Rose. I just recently discovered how much she like kids. Five of the neighborhood kids came by last night and showered her with even more attention. She loved it. Thanks for bringing her into our lives.

Message From: Linda White February 9, 2015
Hi Linda We just wanted you to know that Darby is doing very well. It's been 3 years since we adopted him. We moved from South Dakota to Mississippi in December 2014 so we are still trying to adjust to this weather. I see that you have also made some "move" changes. I hope all is well with you. We love Darby so much and you will never believe this, but he is Alan's Dog. And to think he used to have issues with the male gender. You would never know it now.Please take care.

Message From: Sharon McAnespy September 18, 2014
I believe all people who rescue animals are a gift from God because without you these animals don't have a chance. God Bless!

Message From: Sheltielover June 10, 2014
We just lost our beautiful baby girl...Honey, last week. She was 16 years old. She was a part of our family since she was 8 weeks old. My heart is just broken for her. I am a stay at home housewife, so the place is very lonely now without her. I lost my only daughter, Megan, ten years ago. Honey went thru the loss and sadness with me, my husband and our son. She knew something was wrong, and she felt that sadness also. Honey was a gorgeous girl...her Daddy was a Blue Ribbon show dog. Though she had papers, we never cared about that...we just loved the precious dog she was! And she was precious!!!! Everyone loved her so much! I saw so many similar eyes in the video, it made me cry. I really miss her. I have always said that if I could have another dog like her, I would have more than just one! Unfortunately, the people that we got her from over 16 years ago I have not been able to locate. I do have all of her papers and the sire papers as well. I would love to get another puppy and start with a new baby....but am not opposed to also adopting one or more shelties. I realize you are a rescue shelter, but is you have any info for new puppies, could you also let me know? Although we live on 100 acres, our Honey was my indoors baby...and very well cared for. In her younger years she loved the weekends at the lake...I even buried her sunglasses with her...she loved them!!! My husband is an Optometrist...lol .... she loved kids and loved to run circles and "herd" the kids. They would lay on the floor with their friends, five in a row or more and she would run and jump over them all! Although she had a nice bed for napping, she slept with us at the foot of our bed every night. When she was younger, she could jump on and off of the bed, but the last few years, and also a higher bed...i would tuck her in when I went to bed, and she would get up whenever we did! She never pottied in the house....almost from the day we got her she was so smart!!!! She was a small sheltie....probably 15 pounds at the most. Up until her last days people would think she was a collie puppy! and I would have to say, oh no! she is a Sheltie...and she is 16! She was Sweet 16 , and I will miss her always, yet we are comforted knowing that she and Megan are together again, running and jumping and smiling! Thank you for any considerations.

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